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​전문적인 분야 

​케이제이 엔터프라이즈는 23년 여 간의 경험을 통해 얻은 노하우로 핸들링 하기 어려운 농산물 수출입, 식품 검역 등에 전문적인 업체입니다.  

- 농산물 수출입 

- 커피 원두, 주류 수출입

- 화장품 수출입 (중화권향)

- 각종 기계류

We have established a perfect network in the major cities all over the world,

thus it enables us to transport cargoes to any place around the world accurately and conveniently as if the client is directly bring the cargo with him.


We have concentrated all our effort to transport your cargoes swiftly and safely by sea and air freight.

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